World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit

Participating in Nanjing, China at the 2017 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, Frank Fuchs had a presentation regarding standards within 3d-Printing.

The Asian/German conference had as one topic the challenges within the market sector of 3d-printing.

The well-known summit had around 300 participants and was highly addressed by e.g. the University of Dresden and Industry ( SLM, City of Lübeck).

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ISO TC20/SC16 Seoul-Planery UAV Standards

Frank Fuchs Consulting was participating in Seoul, South-Korea at the ISO TC16/SC20 planery. On behalf of DIN e.V. (German Standardization Body) Frank Fuchs was representing Germany.

In Seoul big steps in order to achieve world-wide UAV-Standards where made. As Convener of TC16/SC20 WG1 Frank Fuchs could develop Terms and Definitions, which will hit the Industries needs and requirements.

The first ISO-Standards will be expected this year.

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Climate Change Project - GIZ

Since July 2017 Frank Fuchs Consulting is implementing a Climate Change Project (Adaption of the Climate Change into the National and Local Development Planning) for the German International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ) and the Planning Commission at the City of Dhaka – Bangladesh.

The Frank Fuchs Consulting is covering the financial and procurement activities of the project.

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Press Release

SPACE VENTURES INVESTMENTS (SVI) and FRANK FUCHS CONSULTING in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, have created a Space Commerce Due Diligence Certification Process (SCDD) for Space Companies.

The SCDD is a due diligence process for organisations, or firms, who require independent verification and authentication for Space Companies regarding their business and commercial viability. The Joint venture will seek to provide this assessment service from emerging start-ups, to existing businesses. Successful Space Companies who undergo the Space Commerce Due Diligence process, will receive the SCDD Certificate. The SCDD certificate will provide an objective assessment and evaluation to investors and stakeholders with regards to the commercial viability and opportunity of a given Space Business. The Space Commerce Due Diligence (SCDD) Process will thus cover the overall business strategy, it’s market prospects, it’s legal positioning, it’s management capabilities, it’s capital raising options, as well as highlighting recommendations (where appropriate) to achieve certification.

Frank Fuchs is a space and aviation legal expert and consultant in the fields of Drones, Robotics, and Space Commerce in general. SVI provides space companies with access to investment resources that are required to fuel the rapidly developing New Space and Space Commerce sector into an emerging global industry.

Simon Drake, Kevin Mac Gowan and Dr. Frank Fuchs are attending this year’s ESA Conference on the European Satellite Navigation Competition, taking place on the 28th of April 2017 in Darmstadt, Germany. For further enquiries please contact Space Ventures Investors or Frank Fuchs Consulting.

Contact Details:

Kevin M. Mac Gowan

+49 (0) 17630309006


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Procurement Project in North India

In December 2016 Frank Fuchs Consulting Company performed a procurement - contract at the City in Dharamsala in Northern India for the Himachal Pradesh

Forest Department for a KfW financed project covering Forest Ecosystems Climate Proofing. The City of Dharamsala is also well known as the Residence of the Dalai



The official picture shows a lunch break during a meeting with the representatives of

local farmers.

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"UAV within competitive Sport" for the “1. GEOKomm Technologiesalon”

On 24 November 2016 Frank Fuchs Consulting was giving a lecture on “UAV within competitive Sport” at the City of Potsda.

Many Experts have been participating as well as experts from the German DIN e.V. (official and only standardization body in Germany). The following discussion was most interesting.

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Presentation on German Aviation and Drone Law

Again in November2016 Frank Fuchs Consulting was invited by the Chinese Organization UAVC to the City of ShenZhen near Hongkong to hold a lecture on German aviation law and standardization within the UAV Industry. The Lecture was held to an international Audience with high ranked experts in this field. Interviews have been performed with Chinese media. Also an High-Tech-Park was visited in order to discuss with local representatives opportunities.

Additionally a visit to MMC (UAV manufacturing company) in ShenZhen, was undertaken.

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Satellite - Masters Conference

In October 2016 Frank Fuchs Consulting was participating a Conference held by ESA & AZO in Madrid. The European Satellite and Space and UAV Experts have been exchanging their opinions. Further discussion will continue in the April Conference at esoc in Darmstadt.

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In October 2016 Frank Fuchs Consulting Company was participating at the

Drone-UAV-Show in Bordeaux – France to exchange European expertise within the Industry. High ranked experts from ISO and ASD-Stan where attending the show.

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ISO TC 16/SC20 - Meeting in Beijing

At the End of Juni Dr. Frank Fuchs was attending the ISO TC 16/SC20 - Meeting.

The ISO meeting was held in Beijing in order to continue the processing in standardization work of unmanned aircraft systems. The participants of that meeting came from China, Europe (Italy, France, Great Britain and Germany), Russia, Japan and USA.

Frank Fuchs Consulting was representing Germany. As a DIN representative at this meeting Dr. Frank Fuchs was one of the speakers.

Also with this meeting another conference was held in Beijing and Frank Fuchs Consulting was invited as an Aviation Expert representing DIN. This second conference was a special conference held by Cape.


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ILA 2016

Frank Fuchs Consulting visited as professional visitor in June the International Aviation Exhibition 2016 (ILA) at Berlin. One of the biggest shows in Europe, where conferences and meetings, flight-displays, and special aviation related visitors are meeting up. At many of the Conferences Frank Fuchs Consulting was participant and participated in professional talks.

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The aviation department of DIN (German Standardization Body) has elected Frank Fuchs Consulting as a member of DIN. Frank Fuchs Consulting was also delegated and nominated officially to attend and represent DIN on European and worldwide conferences. The DIN is the only Standardisation Body legitimated by the German Government.

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Frank Fuchs Consulting was selected in cooperation with the Agency for Work ( Agentur für Arbeit ) of the City of Hanau for a Panel Discussion at the Trade Fair at Wächtersbach. With other members of the table possibilities and importance of networks were discussed.

At this Trade Event of the Agency for Work of Hanau it was outlined, how important networks are and specially how important they can be for Companies/Enterprises in the daily use of their business. As such, Frank Fuchs Consulting was asked, as per this date of 03 May 2016, to inform about its experience of having being worked with networks as a business company and, additionally, in the field of sports.

Hence, Frank Fuchs Consulting reported its impressions, experience and suggestions of having worked with networks so far to the other companies being present at the Trade Fair.

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On this date of 26 April 2016 the Frank Fuchs Consulting was participating at the above mentioned Conference being held at the ESOC – Office in Darmstadt.

In this Conference the latest news and information covering the “GALILEO-SYSTEM” were presented. Also discussions covering “Navigation” and “International Aerospace” were exchanged.

In many of the discussions and talks the visitors were impressed from the diversity of the topics and as such, the conference members have now the possibility of further keeping in touch by continuing subsequent discussions of the various subjects.

The Conference was performed on a very high level and is certainly one of the annual highlights at the ESOC – Office at Darmstadt.

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AERO 2016

Frank Fuchs Consulting was as a special trade fair visitor at the AERO 2016 in April 2016.

In these days of the AERO 2016 most of the attention were devoted to a number of different topics and discussions, such as , for example, the special topic with the UAV and consequently the UAV interfaces to the existing aviation. The “UAV” represented itself by its own exhibition hall, similar to the year before, and could so attract many visitors.

 At the AERO 2016 were also held a lot of deep going discussions with companies representing the General - and Business Aviation. 

The last day of the AERO 2016 was used to be held the yearly conference of the Association of Air Experts ( VDL – Verband der Luftfahrtsachverständigen ).The Frank Fuchs Consulting Company is a permanent member of this Association and exchanges news and information with the other members of the Association in regular terms being always up to date with the last and latest subjects.

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Frank Fuchs Consulting was invited as a guest to the Working Group

“ Aviation Law “ of the international Association of UAV-DACH, which was held at the City of Berlin.

This meeting takes place generally for exchanging information and news on the actual and latest subjects of the Association and takes care specially to the issues of the Working Groups.

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The Christmas Reception at Frank Fuchs Consulting

The Christmas Reception organized in cooperation with the „Foundation Center „Kompass“ and Company  „Eimer&Eimer“.

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ACStyria Air Day 2015

Newested innovation and increase efficiency of aircraft engines were the main subjects at the ACStyria Air Day 2015 in Graz.

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Satellite Masters Conference

The „Satellite Masters Conference„ of the Application Centre of the City of Oberpfaffenhofen has been attended by Frank Fuchs Consulting like the year before.

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The first „RotorDrones-Forum“ of Germany was held at the Helicopter Centre at the City of Bueckeburg.

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