Current situation aviation

We are living through an unprecedented period of change in aviation and the laws that govern it.
The process of drafting Europe-wide laws governing the use of drones is underway.  Many aspects are being fiercely debated.  Whatever the final legislation includes there will be far-reaching consequences.

Safety legislation is evolving to meet the needs of the 21st century aviation environment.  Ensuring the physical security of aircraft, airline staff and passengers must take place in ways that preserve the dignity of the individual.  The training of drone pilots (aviation airspace awareness) is not currently regulated to the same strict standards applied to traditional pilots, with resultant safety issues.

Major engine manufacturers are at an advanced stage in the development of the next generation of jet engines, in order to reduce emissions and noise. Embraer and Mitsubishi have developed new regional jets which are likely to challenge the traditionally dominant passenger aircraft manufacturers.  Honda is entering the market with a new concept small business jet.

For the period January - September 2015, the number of passenger take-offs and landings in German airports was up 1.7 million versus previous year.  On the other hand, cargo tonnage was broadly the same.  It is not yet clear if these are long term trends, making strategic decision  for German airports very difficult.