Current situation sports

We are in a time of significant development in sport and the laws which govern it, within Europe as well as beyond, and for national and international sport alike.

In generall, all sport, following a period of stagnation, FIS (Federal International du Ski) developed the concept of the new Discipline of Team Challenge, which they brought to world championship format. Similarly, in Athletics, the IAAF devised the Team-European Championship last year.

These developments made these sports interesting again for many people.  As sports recapture the imagination of the general public, inspiring them to participate as well as just watch. German sport clubs therefore have record high membership levels.

Beside that there is a darker side of sport. Doping amongst amateurs is increasingly pervasive with high levels of estimated cases, though this is normally undetected. Scandals, and poor decision making within sports management and associations, can make it necessary to rethink strategies, restructure and to reorganise.

Atheletes often perform well in spite of their clubs, not because of the support they offer. The future is likely to see athletes better supported by small, powerful organisations which will be flexible to adapt to athletes needs.
Many associations have to analyze their mistakes, choose the right strategy and reinvent themselves in order to have a sustainable future. For all of its complications, sport is still an essential, central, positive and healthy part of many people's lives.