AERO 2016

Frank Fuchs Consulting was as a special trade fair visitor at the AERO 2016 in April 2016.

In these days of the AERO 2016 most of the attention were devoted to a number of different topics and discussions, such as , for example, the special topic with the UAV and consequently the UAV interfaces to the existing aviation. The “UAV” represented itself by its own exhibition hall, similar to the year before, and could so attract many visitors.

 At the AERO 2016 were also held a lot of deep going discussions with companies representing the General - and Business Aviation. 

The last day of the AERO 2016 was used to be held the yearly conference of the Association of Air Experts ( VDL – Verband der Luftfahrtsachverständigen ).The Frank Fuchs Consulting Company is a permanent member of this Association and exchanges news and information with the other members of the Association in regular terms being always up to date with the last and latest subjects.

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