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SPACE VENTURES INVESTMENTS (SVI) and FRANK FUCHS CONSULTING in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, have created a Space Commerce Due Diligence Certification Process (SCDD) for Space Companies.

The SCDD is a due diligence process for organisations, or firms, who require independent verification and authentication for Space Companies regarding their business and commercial viability. The Joint venture will seek to provide this assessment service from emerging start-ups, to existing businesses. Successful Space Companies who undergo the Space Commerce Due Diligence process, will receive the SCDD Certificate. The SCDD certificate will provide an objective assessment and evaluation to investors and stakeholders with regards to the commercial viability and opportunity of a given Space Business. The Space Commerce Due Diligence (SCDD) Process will thus cover the overall business strategy, it’s market prospects, it’s legal positioning, it’s management capabilities, it’s capital raising options, as well as highlighting recommendations (where appropriate) to achieve certification.

Frank Fuchs is a space and aviation legal expert and consultant in the fields of Drones, Robotics, and Space Commerce in general. SVI provides space companies with access to investment resources that are required to fuel the rapidly developing New Space and Space Commerce sector into an emerging global industry.

Simon Drake, Kevin Mac Gowan and Dr. Frank Fuchs are attending this year’s ESA Conference on the European Satellite Navigation Competition, taking place on the 28th of April 2017 in Darmstadt, Germany. For further enquiries please contact Space Ventures Investors or Frank Fuchs Consulting.

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Kevin M. Mac Gowan

+49 (0) 17630309006


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